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Communication to Author’s Module

In order to reach to e-Collittera (Online Article Acceptance and Evaluation) software prepared for the The Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kafkas, it is enough to click on Online Article Sending/Evauation button through the main page e-Littera of The Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kafkas.

Registration to System


It is required to register into the system at first, if entering into the system of e-Collittera for the first time.Thus, it is required to click on “Create Account” button on the registration screen and the form on opened page must be filled out carefully. After clicking on New user connection (link), the registration form on the page must be filled out carefully and with real information. Some of the information required in form are absolutely necessary; the registration will not work if these fields are not filled out. It must be paid attention to not use any Turkish character while determining password. After all required areas were filled out, Submit button is clicked on and information is ensured to arrive at the database of software. Once the new registration arrives at database, a “Wellcome” e-mail is sent to the user by the system automaticly. Besides information that entered information was approved and registered, the user name and password are reminded again in e-mail. The next level is to return to the registration screen and enter into the system via the user name and password.


Entry into the System
e-Collittera users enter into the system by using user names and passwords that they had during their applications to the system. It must be taken pains not to leave any blank and not to use any Turkish character while filling out the user name and password areas. After the user name and password were typed, Login button is clicked on and system is entered.


Forgot My Password
If you already registered into the e-Collittera system but you do not remember your password and you cannot enter into the system due to this reason, either, You should click on “Forgot My Password” button. Your user name and password will be mailed to your address in a short time when you typed your electronic mail address into the e-mail area on the opened window and clicked on “Submit” button.


Sending A New Article
The main page of author module consists of 3 tables is seen when entered into the system, if an article was not already sent by using e-Collittera. Later, the articles will be shown in these tables according to their sending situations when the article sending process was realized. New Manuscript button under the page is clicked on and article sending process may be started. A process with total 9 levels is followed while sending an online article, the article is sent in 2 parts. The first part is the identificaton tag of the article. In first 7 levels, information such as the article’s kind, institutions, authors, title, summary, key words, top writing respectively are entered. Furthermore, the ones that were made until that moment can be see through the table of article information, that appears on the page, returned through “Previous” button and wished changes are made whenever passed to the following steps by transacting. When decided not to send an article during any level of article sending process on purpose or due to a problem grows out of Internet connection, the processes that were realized until that moment, will be protected and the article will be displayed in ”Partially Submitted Manuscripts” part. The article ile reached through here when wished and the transaction is continued from the left part.


Sort of Article

Firstly the type of article must be selected in order to send a new article. The most available one is selected through the kinds of articles that opens toward down when the type of artcile was clicked on the bottom arrow symbol next to the cardridge. Then, the next level is passed by using Continue button. Warning. If Return to Main Page button is clicked after this level, the article wished to be sent, will be listed in the way just its kind and category were determined in Partially Submitted Manuscripts part. The articles will be in Partially Submitted Manuscripts part during returning to the main page until clicking on “Submit Your Manuscript” button at last step. Later, these articles are returned and the transaction is continued or deleted from the left part.
The next level is defination of institutional information of authors. The institutions where authors work at, their departments, cities and countries where the institutions are located in. The new areas may be opened by using Remove Institution button if the number of institutions to be typed is more than three. The next level is passed by using Continue button after the institution’s information were typed. It is possible to return via Previous button when wished to make any change in the previous level. Warning. No need to reenter the name of institution for the authorities more than one, who work at the same institution. The intitutions’ numbers of authors’ names can be selected through the cartdridges in the next level.


The authors’ surnames, names, numbers of institutions in the previous page according to the entry order and electronic mail adresses are required. The order number of İnstitutions is listed in Manuscript Details table in top part of screen. After necessary fields were filled out, the next level is passed through Continue button.


Turkish title, short Turkish title, English title and short English title of preparining article are determined in this part. If the title does not shelter special characters such as alpha, beta, pi or gamma, teh required characters can be addd to the title by using the buttons under Title window. When the relevant buttons are clicked, system will automaticly add the required characters to the text via a special parenthesis. The next level is passed by using.


Continue button
Warning. There must not be any interference to the additions that appear in cornered paranthesises. Otherwise the system will not be able to execute the process in order to be able to show the special characters.


This level is the place where the sending article’s summary will be entered. There is not any area where the summary text will be in Abstract window. In each one of articles typed in Turkish and English, there must be summaries in Turkish and English in the way not less than 100 words and 200 words. If special characters such as alpha, beta, pi or gamma have to be used in summary, the required characters can be added into the summary text by using the buttons under Abstract window. When the relevant buttons are clicked on, the system will automaticly add the required characters into the text. The summaries of sent articles will also be attainable by arbitrators; thus, there must not be any information related to the instutitions and authors in summaries. If there are information related to institutions and authors in summary part, the article will be returned and not evaluated by the manager secretary and the author will be required to comply with the rules. The next level is passed by using Continue button after this area was filled out. Warning. There must not be any interferences into the additions that appear in cornered paranthesises. Otherwise the selected special characters will not be able to shown.


At the keywords window, there must be six words to define the article with commas between them. You should always pay attention to use words which are appropriate for “Medical Subjects Headings” list at Medicus.


Cover Letter

It must be determined whether sending material was published in another journal and/or presented in a congress. Information of published journal, presented congress or notes wished to be delivered to the editor, must be typed into “ Cover Letter” field. Then, the next level is passed by using Continue button.


Adding Article
A transaction having four steps is realized in this level of article sending process. The first step is placement of article to its place on pattern prepared in system. For this aim, Browse button in Choose a file to upload tab is clicked on and Choose File file is reached.
The document wished to be send later, is selected through the way or graphic Choose File window and added into the system by using Open button. On the second step, file category is selected. The file category is determined according to being text or figure. The categories to be selected are those: Main Document, Black and White Figure, Colourful Figure, Video. On 3rd step, an explanation is added to the file. (E.g.. Figure 1, Full Text Word File, Power Point supply etc.). The last step is sending of prepared article into the system. For this aim, Download button is clicked on Send your file by clicking on download button tab. Reminding: If the prepared article includes more than one file (such as main document, black and white figure, video), the transaction is continued by starting from the first step.The image files to be sent must be in jpg format. After all required files were added, Continue button is clicked on and Article Information page where includes the details and features of article, is reached. This page forms the last step of article sending transaction and ensures already enetered information to be controlled.


Your Files
After the article to be sent into the system, was placed into its place in pattern, there are information related to files form the article in Your Files part. File Information window, where has file names, sizes, forming dates, categories, order numbers and explanations
of files that form the article is reached by clicking on Information connection on Information column. After browsing over this information, windows is closed by using Close the Windows button. When the bridge on Name of File is clicked on, the file download window is opened in order to be able to areach the copy of file in system. File Download window submits two alternatives, one of them is to ensure the file be opened in valid site, the second one is to ensure the file be registered into the computer. The category os file can be changed by opening the menu with down arrow in Category part on fourth column. The order of file in article sending pattern can be changed by opening the menu with down arrow in Order column on fifth column. The file added to the article can be deleted by clicking on Delete button on the last column. Before any file was not deleted, system shall ask to the user whether she/he is sure to delete the file.


Sending Article
The last level is to send the article and the files form the article into the system. Before realization of sending transaction, information related to the article in Article Information window must be controlled, be sure about their accuracy. If any mistake or defect are conspicuous in details, it is possible to return until the first step by using Previous button and required corrections can be made. If there is not any problem in article’s details and added files, article sending transaction is completed by clicking on Send the Article button.


Page to Follow The Article

The Main Page of Author is the main page that ensures possibility to follow article. On this page consists of three different tables, there are information and bridges related to the articles sent into the system (Sent articles), required revision by referee (Revision Required Articles) and not completely sent yet (Articles Not Completed to be Sent).


Articles Not Completed to be Sent
After article sending transaction was started, the articles that not continued until the ninth step or could not be sent due to technical defect are shown in this area. Here, there are information such as the article’s number assigned by system, title, formation date. If any article in this part is not considered to be sent into the system, the article can be deleted from system by using Delete button on the right column. The step which article sending transaction was left when clicked on the title of article, is reached and required transactions related to the article not completed to be sent are made.


Articles That Require Revision

The articles that were evaluated by the referee and accepted by the editor with revison, may be followed Waiting for Revision table.
The required revisions from author may be seen in “Notes” part by clicking on the article title. In order to send any revision, Submit Revision button on the last column must be clicked on. This connection will take the author to the first one of article sending steps. The authors, carried out the steps one by one, must complate the revision sending transaction by sending the article that he revised at 8th step into the system. The changes to be made in the text file must be made in the registered file in your computer and this changed file must be resent.Your most efficacious replies relating to your changes must be typed in “Cover Letter” part. After clicking on Submit Revision connection, when the transaction is not continued until the last step due to any reason, the article will be carried to Submitted Manuscripts table. Then the revision will be able to be sent by going on the transaction from here. When the transaction was completed, the revised article will be carried to “Submitted Manuscripts” table.


Submitted Manuscripts

Information related to the articles sent to the system, may be followed through Submitted Manuscripts line. Here, there are information such as the article’s numbere assigned by system, title, sending date, transaction situation. When cklicked on the title of article, Manuscript Details that displays the article information, files of summary and article, is reached ulaşılır. It is possible to follow the article sent into the system is at which step of evaluation process through Processing Status area. In the following image, it is seen that the article sent into the system is in the manager level. This article will be sent to the editor after it was checked by the maanager secretary technically and editor will also invite referee(s) for evaluation of article. Once this processes are realized, they can be followed in Processing Status area. The article in example is in evaluation of the manager secretary. The manager secretary will direct the article to the editor after she/he made the preliminary evaluation and approved it.