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1- Proportional Evaluation of Animals and Disease Admitted to Kafkas University, Veterinary Faculty, Internal Medicine Clinics Between 2000-2005
Pages: 111-116 Karademir B (Full Text_PDF)
2- Islation of Arcobacter spp from Aborted Sheep Fetuses and Identification of the Isolates by Multiplex PCR
Pages: 117-120 Ünver A, Atabay Hİ, Şahin M, Kalaycıoğlu AT, Çelebi Ö, Gençtav K (Full Text_PDF)
3- Genotyping of Brucella spp Isolated from Aborted Cattle Fetuses by RAPD-PCR
Pages: 121-127 Ünver A, Erdoğan HM, Atabay Hİ, Şahin M, Güneş V, Çitil M, Gökçe Hİ (Full Text_PDF)
4- The Detection of Antibodies Against Chlamydia psittaci' Using Complement Fixsation Test (CFT) and Enzme-Linked Immunosorbend Assay (ELISA) in Aborted Sheep in Kars District
Pages: 129-135 Baz E, Aydın F (Full Text_PDF)
5- Effect of Feed Supplemented with Rea Molasses Mineral blocks on Activity of Serum AST, ALT and Levels of Total Protein, Glucose, Trigliserid, Total Lipid, Total Cholesterol in Lambs
Pages: 137-140 Çenesiz S, Atakişi O, Özcan A, Yüceyurt R, Ünal Y (Full Text_PDF)
6- General Evaluation of Umblical Lesions in Calves: 322 Cases (1996-2005)
Pages: 141-145 Cihan M, Aksoy Ö, Özaydın İ, Özba B, Baran V (Full Text_PDF)
7- Congenital Anomalies Encountered in Calves, Lambs and Kids: 1996-2005 (262Cases)
Pages: 147-154 Aksoy Ö, Kılıç E, Öztürk S, Özaydın İ, Kurt B, Baran V (Full Text_PDF)
8- Arterial Vascularization of the Penis in the Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)
Pages: 155-158 Demirkan AÇ, Özdemir V, Türkmenoğlu İ, Akosman MS (Full Text_PDF)
9- The Investigation of Recombinant Human IGF-I (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I) Injection on Rats liver Malondealdehyde and Reduced Glutathione Levels
Pages: 159-162 Güven A, Poyraz MD, Devrim AK, Deveci hA, Kaya İ (Full Text_PDF)
10- Frequency of Coccidia Species in Goats in Van Province of Turkey
Pages: 163-165 Göz Y, Aydın A, Yüksek L, Değer S (Full Text_PDF)
11- The Effects of Exogenous Epidermal Growth Factor Administration in Sialoadenectomy on the Uterus Tissue: A Light Microscopic study
Pages: 167-173 Ketani MA, Saruhan BG (Full Text_PDF)
12- Field Condition Diagnosis and Treatment of Acid-Base Balance Disorders in Calves with Diarrhea
Pages: 175-183 Öcal N, Duru SY, Yağcı BB, Gazyağcı S (Full Text_PDF)
13- Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Tuj Ewe
Pages: 185-187 Aksoy Ö, Kılıç E, Özba B, Öztürk S, Özaydın İ, Sözmen M (Full Text_PDF)
14- Triple Malformation in a Calf: Atresia Ani, Rectourethral Fistula and Pygomelia
Pages: 189-191 Özaydın İ, Kılıç E, Aksoy Ö, Cihan M, Güngör E (Full Text_PDF)
15- Multiple Urogenital System Anomalies in Three Calves
Pages: 193-197 Kılıç E, Özaydın İ, Aksoy Ö, Yayla S, Sözmen M (Full Text_PDF)
16- Ototoxic Agents
Pages: 199-203 Yıldırım E (Full Text_PDF)
17- Histological Structure of the Bursa of Fabricius
Pages: 205-209 Sarı EK, Kurtdede N (Full Text_PDF)
18- The Treatment Alternatives of Stenosis of Pelvic Canal in Cats
Pages: 211-216 Aksoy Ö, Şaroğlu M (Full Text_PDF)
19- Molybdenum and Enzimatic Functions for animals
Pages: 217-224 Karademir B (Full Text_PDF)
Clinical Observation on the Use of Deltamethrin Collar (%4W/W) in Dogs
Pages: 225-226 Ural K, Haydardedeoğlu AV, Uzlu E (Full Text_PDF)