ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- Investigation of Protective Effect of L-carnitine in the Liver Tissue of Phenylhydrazine Given Mice
Pages: 1-4 Atakişi E, Karapehlivan M, Atakişi O, Özcan A, Çitil M (Full Text_PDF)
2- The Microbiological Quality of Ready-to-Eat Foods and Drinking Water Serviced in Restaurants
Pages: 5-10 Gülmez M, Sezer Ç, Duman B, Vatansever L, Oral N, Baz E (Full Text_PDF)
3- Milk Yield and Udder Charecteristics in Tuj and Morkaraman Ewes and the Relationships Between Them
Pages: 11-15 Kırmızıbayrak T, Aksoy AR, Saatçi M, Tilki M (Full Text_PDF)
4- Seasonal Variation of Vitamin A, E and Beta Carotene Levels in Plasma of Sheeps and Meadow Hay in the Region of Kars and Its Surrounds
Pages: 17-24 Beytut E, Kamiloğlu NN, Gökçe G, Beytut E (Full Text_PDF)
5- Salmonella Isolations from Different Avian Species in Kars District of Turkey
Pages: 25-27 Genç O, Otlu S (Full Text_PDF)
6- Identification of Staphylococci by Gase Chromotography Method and Antibiotics Sensivity of Strains
Pages: 29-32 Kireçci E, Aktaş AE (Full Text_PDF)
7- Some Microbiological and Chemical Properties of Kashar and Cecil (Civil) Cheeses Sold in Kars
Pages: 33-38 Kamber U (Full Text_PDF)
8- Acitivities of the Some in Different Cattle Breed
Pages: 39-41 Utlu N, Yücel O, Kaya N (Full Text_PDF)
9-Serum Levels of Some Trace Elements and Electrolytes in Different Cattle Breed
Pages: 43-46 Utlu N, Yücel O, Kaya N (Full Text_PDF)
10- Gross Anatomy of the Lacrimal Gland (Gl Lacrimalis) and Its Arterial Vascularization in the Fetus of Zavot-Bred Cattle
Pages: 47-49 Aslan K, Kürtül İ, Aksoy G, Özcan S (Full Text_PDF)
11- Isolation and Identification of Salmonella spp and Citrobacter spp from Diarrhoeic Neonatal Calves
Pages: 51-53 Ünver A, Çitil M, Atabay Hİ, Otlu S, Şahin M (Full Text_PDF)
12-Postpartum Uterine Involution in Winter-Lambing Tuj Breed Sheep and Effects of Subclinical Hypocalsemia on Uterine Involution in Tuj Breed Sheep
Pages: 55-59 Gürbulak K, Pancarcı ŞM, Güngör Ö, Kaçar C, Oral H, Kırmızıgül AH, Kamiloğlu NN, Karapehlivan M, Kaya D (Full Text_PDF)
13- Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Defence System in Erythrocyte of Cattles Infected With Brucella abortus
Pages: 61-64 Beytut E, Kamiloğlu NN (Full Text_PDF)
14- Relationship Between Selenium Levels in Soil and Meadow Hay Glutathione Peroxidase Activity in Erythrocytes of Offsprings of which Dams Grazed on Pasture
Pages: 65-68 Kamiloğlu NN, Beytut E, Gey H (Full Text_PDF)
15- Effect of Some Factors on Milk Yield in Holstein Cows
Pages: 69-72 Türkyılmaz MK, Bardakçıoğlu HE, Nazlıgül A (Full Text_PDF)
16- Preputial Aplasia, Urethral Diverticulum and Distal Urethral Atresia in Kids
Pages: 73-76 Kılıç E, Öztürk S, Aksoy Ö, Özaydın İ, Özba B, Erginsoy S (Full Text_PDF)
17- Ultrasonographic Examination of Digestive System in Cat and Dog
Pages: 77-82 Şahal M, Arslan HH (Full Text_PDF)
18- Cestods and Immunity
Pages: 83-88 Kara M, Doğanay A (Full Text_PDF)
19- Health Management Model in Dairy Enterprises
Pages: 89-91 Türkyılmaz MK (Full Text_PDF)
20- The Use of Probiotics in Ruminant and Their Effects on Rumen
Pages: 93-98 Sarıpınar D, Sulu N (Full Text_PDF)