ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- Prevalence of Linguatula serrata (Fröhlich, 1789) Nymphs in Sheep in the Province of Kars-Turkey
Pages: 135-137 Aldemir OS (Full Text_PDF)
2- Investigation of Serum Ceruloplasmin and Total Sialik Acid Levels in Geese
Pages: 137-142 Merhan O, Özcan A (Full Text_PDF)
3- Slaughter and Carcass Traits of Geese Raised in Boğazköy-Kars
Pages:143-146 Tilki M, Saatçi M, Kırmızıbayrak T, Aksoy AR (Full Text_PDF)
4- Diagnosis of Sarcocystis Species in Cattle in Konya Region
Pages: 147-149 Aldemir OS, Güçlü F (Full Text_PDF)
5- Toxocariosis Canis in Domestic Dogs in Istanbul, Turkey
Pages: 151-153 Öncel T (Full Text_PDF)
6- Liquid Storage of Ram Semen with Extenders that Containing Different Antioxidans
Pages: 155-159 Yıldız S, Daşkın A (Full Text_PDF)
7- Effect of Feeding Lambs with Urea Molasses Licking Block on the Antioxidant Status and Lipid Peroxidation
Pages: 161-164 Özcan A, Atakişi O, Çenesiz S, Ünal Y (Full Text_PDF)
8- The Investigation of Kefir Effect on Lipid Peroxidation
Pages: 165-169 Güven A, Güven A, Kamiloğlu NN (Full Text_PDF)
9- Investigation of House Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) in Dust Samples Collected with Dust Bag and Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners
Pages: 171-173 Aldemir OS, Baykan M (Full Text_PDF)
10- Effect of Vitamin C Supplementation on the Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) and Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Activities of Mice which was Induced Colonic Aberrant Crypt Foci Formation by Azoxymethane
Pages: 175-177Çenesiz S, Devrim AK, Kaya N, Özcan A, Sözmen M (Full Text_PDF)
11- Cystic Echinococcosis in Kars Region
Pages: 179-182 Aldemir OS (Full Text_PDF)
12- Some Microbiological and Chemical Properties of Kaşar Cheese Marketed in Kars-Turkey
Pages: 183-188 Gülmez M, Oral N, Güven A, Baz E, Duman B, Sezer Ç (Full Text_PDF)
13- Some Phsical, Microbiological and Chemical Properties of Cheese Coagulants (Rennet) sold in Kars-Turkey
Pages: 189-194 Gülmez M, Oral N, Güven A, Baz E, Vatansever L, Sezer Ç, Duman B (Full Text_PDF)
14- Idiopathic Hepatic Lipidosis in Cat
Pages: 199-201 Kalınbacak A, Cıngı CÇ, Ural K, Arun S, Güzel M (Full Text_PDF)
15- Biogenic Amines in Meat and Meat Products
Pages: 203-208 Vatansever L (Full Text_PDF)
16- Polymerase Chain Reaction
Pages: 209- 214 Devrim AK, Kaya N (Full Text_PDF)
17- Genetic Polymorphism and Microsatellites
Pages: 215-220 Devrim AK, Kaya N (Full Text_PDF)
18- Effect of Body Condition Score on Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows
Pages: 221-225 Serin G (Full Text_PDF)