ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- Monitorization of Arterial Blood Pressure During Halothane Anaesthesia
Pages: 129-134 Biricik HS, Perk EC, Gönenci R, Düzgün O (Full Text_PDF)
2- Investigation of Yersinia spp in Raw Milk and White Cheese Sold in Kars-Turkey
Pages: 135-142 Çetinkaya A, Güven A (Full Text_PDF)
3- Pathological Examinations on the Localization of Lesions and Incidence of Bacteriologic Quality of Ice Cream Marketed in Kars
Pages: 143-147 Aslantaş Ö (Full Text_PDF)
4- The Effect of Liquid Feed Additive, Uramel, on Milk Yield and Mil Composition in Dairy Cows
Pages: 149-153 İnal F, Arslan C, Çelik B (Full Text_PDF)
5- Investigation of Campylobacter, Salmonella and Listeria spp from Turkish White and Çeçil Cheese
Pages: 155-161 Gülmez M, Güven A (Full Text_PDF)
6- Statistical Evaluation of Cattle with TRP Submitted to the Clinics of Internal Disease, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kafkas University Between 1996-2000
Pages: 163-167 Karademir B, Çitil M (Full Text_PDF)
7- Investigation of Blood Hormone Changes During Puberty in Angora Goats
Pages: 169-174 Güven B, Özsar S, Sungur H, Pakdil N, Goncagül T (Full Text_PDF)
8- Clinical, Haemotological and Biochemical Findings of Diarrhoea Caused by E Coli and the Efficancy of Treatment Applications in Calf
Pages: 175-183 Karademir B, Şendil Ç (Full Text_PDF)
9- The Comparison of Arthrotomy and Arthroscopy Methods in The Treatment of Experimentally Induced Meniscus Lesions in Dogs
Pages: 185-195 Öztürk S (Full Text_PDF)
10- The Effect of Intrauterine Drug Administration Upon the Pregnancy Rater After Artificial Insemination in Cows
Pages: 197-200 Öztürkler Y, Uçar Ö, Lehimcioğlu NC (Full Text_PDF)
11- Effect of Short-Therm Oak (Quercus hartwisiana) Leaf Consumption on Haemotological Parameters in Rams
Pages: 201-206 Uzun M, Yıldız S, Ünal Y, Kaya M, Çenesiz M (Full Text_PDF)
12- The Effect of hCG and Gentamicin Administration Related to Artificial Insemination Following Oestrus Synchronisation Upon the Calving Rates in Repeat Breeder Cows
Pages: 207-211 Öztürkler Y, Uçar Ö, Yıldız S, Güngör Ö (Full Text_PDF)
13- Tuberculosis and Sarcosporidiosis in the Periorbital Locations in A Hen
Pages: 213-217 Beytut E, Atabay Hİ, Akça A (Full Text_PDF)
14- A Foot Cancer (Crapo) Case Encountered in A Horse and Its Extirpation by Electrocauter
Pages: 219-221 Cihan M, Özba B, Kamiloğlu A, Özaydın İ (Full Text_PDF)
15- An Owerview of Classification of the Phylum Apicomplexa
Pages: 223-228 Kaya G (Full Text_PDF)
16- Feeding of Ostrich
Pages: 229-235 Arslan C, İnal F (Full Text_PDF)
17- Fumonisins
Pages: 237-244 Doğan A, Tuzcu M (Full Text_PDF)