ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- Reduced Glutathione and Malondialdehyde Levels with Catalase Enzyme Activity in the Heart, Skeletal Muscle and Liver of Lambs with White Muscle Disease
Pages: 1-5 Beytut E, Erişir M, Aksakal M (Full Text_PDF)
2- The Isolation and Identification of Bacteria and Parasites from Diarrhoeic Calves in Kars District
Pages: 7-14 Aydın F, Umur Ş, Gökçe G, Genç O, Güler M (Full Text_PDF)
3- Pathological Examinations on the Localization of Lesions and Incidence of Tuberculosis in Cattle in Kars City and Its Surrounding
Pages: 15-25 Beytut E (Full Text_PDF)
4- The Effect of Soaked Lathyrus sativus L. Seed on Growth Performance in Japanase Quail
Pages: 27-32 Arslan C, Şeker E, İnal F (Full Text_PDF)
5- Immunohistochemical Localization of Aromatase Enzyme in Vit-D Depleted and Repleted Chicken Testes at 12-Weeks Age
Pages: 33-37 Kürtül İ (Full Text_PDF)
6- Determination of Milk Species in White Cheese Using by Polyacrylamid Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE)
Pages: 39-45 Gönülalan Z, Arslan A (Full Text_PDF)
7- Experimental Studies on Fermented Chalcalburnus Mossulensis Sausage
Pages: 47-54 Arslan A, Dinçoğlu AH, Gönülalan Z (Full Text_PDF)
8- Some Microbiological and Chemical Properties of Ripenned and Non-ripenned White Cheese Sold in Kars-Turkey
Pages: 55-62 Gülmez M, Güven A, Çetinkaya A (Full Text_PDF)
9- Some Microbilogical and Chemical Properties of Çeçil (civil cheese) Sold in Kars-Turkey
Pages: 63-70 Gülmez M, Güven A (Full Text_PDF)
10- Assessment of Anaesthetic Properties and Clinical, Cardiovascular and Respiratoric Effects of Medetomidine, Propofol and Ketamine Combination in Dogs
Pages: 71-76 Özaydın İ, Atalan G, Uzun M, Kılıç E, Çenesiz M (Full Text_PDF)
11- Use of the Distal Portion of Ulna as Segmental Cortical Autograft for Experimentally Induced Fractures with Large Bone Defect on the Diaphysis of the Tibia and Femur in Dogs
Pages: 77-85 Bulut S, Durmuş AS, Köm M, Çobanoğlu B (Full Text_PDF)
12- The Comparison of Effects of Propofol and Isoflurane on Some Clinical and Electrocardiografic Findings in Dogs
Pages: 87-93 Günay C, Balıkçı E (Full Text_PDF)
13- Morphology of the Accessory Sex Glands and Their Arterial Vascularization in New Zelland Rabits
Pages: 95-99 Kürtül İ, Özgel Ö, Dursun N, Bozkurs EÜ (Full Text_PDF)
14- Vaginal Hyperplasia and Its Treatment with Cervicopexie in A Kangal (Anatolian Shepherd) Bitch
Pages: 101-103 Öztürkler Y, Uçar Ö, Çolak A, Özaydın İ, Özba B, Kamiloğlu A (Full Text_PDF)
15- Diagnostic Importance of Liver Biopsy on Liver Disorders in Cattle
Pages: 105-109 Elitok B, Elitok ÖM (Full Text_PDF)
16- Diagnosis and Treatment of Discoid Lupus Erythematosus in Dogs
Pages: 111-115 Irmak K (Full Text_PDF)
17- Liver Abscesses in the Cattle
Pages: 117-121 Elitok B, Yılmaz K (Full Text_PDF)
18- Role of Oxytocin and Oxytocin receptors in the Synthesis of Prostaglandin F2 Alfa in Ruminants
Pages: 123-128 Arıkan Ş, Pamukçu T (Full Text_PDF)