ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- The Changes in Metabolic Profile of Ewes During Peri and Post Parturient Periods
Pages: 1-9 Irmak K, Şen İ, Ok M, Civelek T, Güzelbektaş H, Akay N (Full Text_PDF)
2- The Use of Reticular Radiography in the Diagnosis of Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis in Cattle
Pages: 11-20 Özba B, Özaydın İ, Okumuş Z, Kılıç E (Full Text_PDF)
3- A Study of the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Cats
Pages: 21-30 Durgut R (Full Text_PDF)
4- Rectal Temperatures and Viability Competence of Premature and Normal Calves
Pages: 31-37 Salmanoğlu R (Full Text_PDF)
5- Effect of Forestomach Flora and Motility Insufficiency on Plasma Thiamine Concentration in Calves
Pages: 39-42 Irmak K, Şen İ, Güzelnektaş H, Turgut K (Full Text_PDF)
6- Some Blood Parameters, Blood Gases and Urine Analysis in Theileria Infected Cattle
Pages: 43-47 Gökçe G, Paşa S, Öcal N (Full Text_PDF)
7- The Arterial Vascularisation of the Organs (Stomach, Intestinum, Splen, Kidneys, Testes and Ovarium) in the Abdominal Region of the Geese Obtained from Kars Surroundings
Pages: 49-53 Aslan K, Takçı İ (Full Text_PDF)
8- A New Technique for the Operative Treatment of Umblical Lesions (Umblical Hernia, Urachal Fistula, Omphalophlebitis and Omphaloarteritis) in Bull Calves
Pages: 55-61 Özaydın İ, Kılıç E, Özba B, Cihan M (Full Text_PDF)
9- Effect of Simple Indigestion and Pneumonia on Plasma Thiamine Concentration in Cattle
Pages: 63-67 Irmak K, Şen İ, Ok M, Turgut K (Full Text_PDF)
10- The Combined Effect of Glibenclamide (ATP-Dependent Potassium Channel Blocker) and Metoprolol (Cardioselective Adrenergic beta-1 Blocker) on the Arryhythmias and Survival Rate Following coronary Arter Ligation in Conscious Rats
Pages: 69-73 Bozdoğan Ö, Lepran I, Papp J Gy (Full Text_PDF)
11- The Effectiveness of the Use of PG and GnRH on Reproductive Performance in Postpartum Cows without Previous Reproductive Problems
Pages: 75-82 Mehdikhani A, Salmanoğlu MR (Full Text_PDF)
12- Diagnosisi with Echocardiography of Congestive Cardiomyopathy in Two Dogs
Pages: 83-85 Bakırel U, Bilal T (Full Text_PDF)
13- Investigation of the Adwerse Effect of the Local Anesthetics Combined with and without Adrenalin in Cattle
Pages: 87-90 Özba B, Baran V, Cihan M (Full Text_PDF)
14- Studies on the Effect of Lidocaine in Acute Digoxin Toxication Induced Experimentally
Pages: 91-96 Irmak K, Gökçe G, Sural E, Kaya M, Uzlu E, Kırmızıgül AH, Çenesiz M (Full Text_PDF)
15- Treatment of Interdigital Fibroma with Electoextirpation and IVREGAB in Simmental Cattle: 6 Cases
Pages: 97-102 Kamiloğlu A, Baran V, Özba B, Özaydın İ (Full Text_PDF)
16- A Case of Penile Abscess in A Calf and Bull
Pages: 103-108 Kılıç E, Özaydın İ,Cihan M, Kamiloğlu A, Aksoy Ö (Full Text_PDF)
17- Diverticulum Recti in A Dog
Pages: 109-112 Okumuş Z, Atalan G, Erdoğan HM, Güneş V (Full Text_PDF)
18- A Review of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats and Dogs
Pages: 113-117 Durgut R (Full Text_PDF)
19- Viscosurgery
Pages: 119-122 Cihan M (Full Text_PDF)