ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- Prevalence of Eimeria Species in Calves in Kars Province of Turkey
Pages: 141-149 Arslan MÖ (Full Text_PDF)
2- The Comparative Studies on the Efficacy of Tilmicosin and Danofloxacin in the Treatment of calf Pneumonies
Pages: 151-155 Gökçe G, Şahin M, Genç O, Sural E (Full Text_PDF)
3- The Importance Use of Magnetis in Treatment and Preventionof Acute TRP in Cattle
Pages: 157-160 Özba B, Gökçe G,Irmak K, Baran V, Sural E (Full Text_PDF)
4- Zur Behandlung der Mangelnden Geburtswehen mıt Denaverinhydrochlorid bei Hündın und Katzen
Pages: 161-165 Kırşan İ, Şenünver A (Full Text_PDF)
5- Prevalance and Economic Importance of Hydatidosis in Slaughtered Sheep and Cattle in Erzurum Slaughterhouses
Pages: 167-171 Arslan MÖ, Umur Ş (Full Text_PDF)
6- The Prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni in Domestic and Wild Animal in Kars District
Pages: 173-180 Arıkoğlu Ç, Aydın F (Full Text_PDF)
7- The Statistical Evaluation of Internal Disease of Domestic Animal that were Brought to the Clinics of the veterinary Faculty of Kafkas University in 1996
Pages: 181-186 Gökçe G, Şendil Ç, Sural E (Full Text_PDF)
8- The Effects of Drontal Plus and Paratak Plus Against Aspicularis tetraptera and Hymenolepsis nana in Mice
Pages: 187-190 Doğanay A, Gıcık Y, Bilgili A (Full Text_PDF)
9- The Effect of PGF2alfa Administered in Postpartum Period on Calving-Pregnancy Interval in the First Insemination and Pregnancy Rates in Cows
Pages: 191-194 Ataman MÖ, Kaya A, Aral F, Aköz M, Yıldız C (Full Text_PDF)
10- Hematological Changes in Pregnant Bitches
Pages: 195-200 Kaymaz M,Baştan A (Full Text_PDF)
11- Antibiotics and Enzyme Applications in the Treatment of Ulcus Solea as a Result of Claw Deformations in Cattle
Pages: 201-210 Baran V (Full Text_PDF)
12- Clinical Observations on the Therepeutic and Preventive Effect of Immunomodulators in SheepPox I. The Use of Levamisole for Treatment and Prevention in SheepPox
Pages: 211-215 Gökçe G, Irmak K, Sural E, Uzlu E (Full Text_PDF)
13- Clinical Observations on the Therapeutic and Preventive Effect of Immunomodulators in Sheeppox II The Use of PIND-ORF (Baypamun) for
Treatment and Prevention in Sheeppox
Pages: 217-221 Gökçe G, Irmak K, Sural E, Uzlu E (Full Text_PDF)
14- Erkrankungen Neugeborener Hunde-und Katzenwelpen und Three Reanimastion
Pages: 223-226 Kırşan İ, Şenünver A, Horoz H, Kılıçaslan MÖ (Full Text_PDF)
15- The Evaluation of the Efficacy of Anthelmintics Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes and Lungworms in Ruminants
Pages: 227-237 Gıcık Y (Full Text_PDF)
16- Electrical Stimulation in Poultry Meat
Pages: 239-245 Gülmez M, Kamber U (Full Text_PDF)
17- Diagnostic Check List that using for determined Lameness in Cattle
Pages: 247-249 Baran V, Kamiloğlu A (Full Text_PDF)