ISSN: 1309 - 2251  




1- The Dedection of Brucella Antibodies with Microagglutin Ationtest (MAT) in the Bovine Sera
Pages: 7-11 Şeyda T, Aydın F, Genç O, Baz E (Full Text_PDF)
2- Development of Enzymeimmunoassay (EIA) for Progesterone
Pages: 13-17 Güven B, Özsar S, Saban E, Özdemir S (Full Text_PDF)
3- Isolation and Identification of Aspergillus fumigatus from Geese
Pages: 19-23 Şahin M, Aydın F, Genç O, Güler MA (Full Text_PDF)
4- Determination of Ovulation Using by B-Mode Ultrasonography in Cows Synchronized with Cloprostenol
Pages: 25-31 Kılıçarslan MR, Ekinci H, Konuk CS, Kırşan İ, Gürbulak K (Full Text_PDF)
5- Experimental Acute Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Toxication and the Therapeutic Effect of N-Acetylcysteine in Dogs
Pages: 33-42 Kalınbacak A, Tanyel B, Can M (Full Text_PDF)
6- Use of Enbucrilate in the Closing of Skin İncisions in Dogs
Pages: 43-47 Çolak A, Okumuş Z, Aslan Ş (Full Text_PDF)
7- Studies on the Prevalence of Subclinic and Clinic Mastitis and Antibiotic Sensitivity in Imported Simmental Cows in Kars District
Pages: 49-55 Şahin M, Çolak A, Otlu S, Aydın F, Genç O, Güler MA, Oral H (Full Text_PDF)
8- The Investigation of Some Pathogenic Microorganisms and Determination of the Microbiologic Quality of Ground Beef Sold in Kars
Pages: 57-65 Güven A, Gülmez M, Kamber U (Full Text_PDF)
9- Studies on Diagnosis of B melitensis with Microagglutination Test (MAT) in Sheep
Pages: 67-72 Şeyda T, Güler MA, Genç O (Full Text_PDF)
10- The Effect of Season on Spermatological Charecteristics of Frozen-Thawed Semen in Kıvırcık Rams
Pages: 73-79 Öztürkler Y, Ak K, İleri İK (Full Text_PDF)
11- The Infectious Agents Causing Equine Endometritis and Infertility
Pages: 81-84 Şenünver A, Horoz H, Koç M (Full Text_PDF)
12- The Serum Progesteron, Oestradiol 17 ß and LH Levels of Kıvırcık Ewes which were Synchronised by Various Techniques During Breeding Season
Pages: 85-92 Horoz H, Ak K, Kaşıkçı G, Baran A, Sönmez C, Şenünver A (Full Text_PDF)
13- Vaginal Tumour in A Cow
Pages: 93-96 Çolak A, Sağlam YS, Kamiloğlu A, Karaman M (Full Text_PDF)
14- Check List of the Helminths of Sheep and Goats in Turkey
Pages: 97-114 Doğanay A, Öge S (Full Text_PDF)
15- Neosporosis in Domestic Animals
Pages: 115-121 Umur Ş, Aslan MÖ (Full Text_PDF)
16-Mortellaro Disease (Digital Dermatitis): General Perspective
Pages: 123-125 Demirkan İ (Full Text_PDF)
17- ATP-Dependent Potassium Channel Openers and Blockers: Pro-arrhythmic or Antiarrhythmic Effects Following Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion
Pages: 127-133 Bozdoğan Ö (Full Text_PDF)