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1- The Effect of Doramectin and Ivermectin Against Aspiculuris Tetraptera and Syphacia Abvelata in Mice
Pages: 135-138 Burgu A, Semih Ö, Gönenç B (Full Text_PDF)
2- The Performances of Yield of Tushin and Morkaraman Ewes at the Farm of Veterinary Faculty, University of Kafkas, Kars 2. Growth and Body Measurements
Pages: 139-146 Ulusan HOK (Full Text_PDF)
3- The Use of Ultrasonic Techniques for the Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy in Mares
Pages: 147-150 Kılıçarslan MR, Soylu NK, Şenünver A, Kırşan İ, Carioğlu B (Full Text_PDF)
4- Studies on the Therapeutic and Propyhylactic Effects of Baypamun (Pind Orf) in Diarrhocic and Healthy Lambs
Pages: 151-154 Irmak K, Gökçe G, Güllüce M, Eker T, Sural E (Full Text_PDF)
5- The Effect of Seasonal Changes on Dairly Milk Yield of Brown Cattle
Pages: 155-160 Ulusan HOK (Full Text_PDF)
6- Castration which Performed with Extirpation of the Scrotal Sac in the Horses
Pages: 161-165 Baran V, Özba B, Kılıç E (Full Text_PDF)
7- Studies on Coliform Organism in Şavak Cheese
Pages: 167-172 Güven A, Aslan A, Patır B (Full Text_PDF)
8- Zur Diagnostic Von Sexualzylusphasen Mit Hilfe Der Vaginalzytologischen Untersuchungen Bei Der Hündin
Pages: 173-177 Kırşan İ, Şenünver A, Kılıçarslan R (Full Text_PDF)
9- The Effect of Different Photoperiods on the Fattening Performance of Morkaraman, and Morkaraman X Tuj Crossbred Male Lambs
Pages: 179-183 Aksoy AR, Ulusan HOK, Özbey M, Tilki M (Full Text_PDF)
10- Plasma FSH and LH Concentrations During the Estrus Cycle of Profilic Sakız Sheep
Pages: 185-192 Güven B, Özsar S, Saban E, Çelebi M, Çoyan K, Budanır M, Meyer HHD (Full Text_PDF)
11- The Signifigance of Haematologic, Radiographic, Laparotomic Findings and Gluteraldehyde (GA) Test in Diagnosis of Reticuloperitonitis Traumatica (RPT) in Cattle
Pages: 193-198 Özba B, Gökçe G, Baran V, Irmak K, Güneş V, Sural E (Full Text_PDF)
12- The Effects of Netobimin and Moxidectin Against Naturally Acquired Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Sheep
Pages: 199-203 Öge S, Ayaz E, Gıcık Y (Full Text_PDF)
13- The Daily Milk Production of Simental and brown Cattle 2. The Phenotypic Correlations between Udder and Body Measurements with Daily Milk Yield
Pages: 205-210 Ulusan HOK (Full Text_PDF)
14- Use of Hyaluronic Acid for the Treatment of Tendinitis and Tenosynovitis in Horses
Pages: 211-217 Özaydın İ, Özba B, Okumuş Z, Maraşlı Ş, Cihan M, Utlu N (Full Text_PDF)
15- The Estimation of Effects of Some Factors on Birth Weight and Heritability and Repetability of Birth Weight in Ramlıç and Dağlıç Sheeps
Pages: 219-224 Ulusan HOK, Bekyürek T (Full Text_PDF)
16- Tetramisole Toxicosis in A Kangal Dog
Pages: 225-227 Gökçe G (Full Text_PDF)
17- Control of Coccidiosis in Chickens
Pages: 229-232 Arslan MÖ (Full Text_PDF)
18- Management of the Bitch
Pages: 233-236 Konuk CS, Kılıçarslan MR, Şenünver A (Full Text_PDF)
19- Veterinary Anthelmintics
Pages: 237-245 Alabay M (Full Text_PDF)